Rarely does a week go by where I don’t read or hear about the classic line” Real estate agents make too much money”. My personal favourite is the one that claims we make $1,000 per hour (sign me up for that).

These Pulitzer worthy columns are of course ensued by a comical endless debate between a Realtor and a consumer about the value of a Realtor… and the cycle continues on and on. Well my friends, today you are in luck. I am going to unlock the gateway to getting a real estate agent for way less than the rest of the suckers are paying.

I set out on an online mission to see if I could save some money and break the “traditional” real estate model and boy did I hit gold.

The first company I found is great. If I was buying a house, I could totally do it on my own. I know everything about communities, schools, home values and the factors which determine what I would offer on my own. It’s pretty simple, I spend my weekends going to open houses, get all the information I need from the listing agent and call these guys and they will put the offer together for me!

All it would cost me is $5,000 and I can’t argue with a sweet deal like that. Have a look at how these guys are revolutionizing real estate by clicking here.


Now, I know those guys are great and all… but do I really want to spend $5000 on a real estate agent? Somebody must be doing it for less.


BINGO! I found someone who will do it for wayyyyyy less than $5,000. I can get representation for only $1,000! This is the kind of deal I’m talking about. Forget about having a personal website, Kijiji is where all of the big players are and I feel like this is where it’s at for me. Check out how you can take advantage of this great deal by clicking here.

Now, when it comes to selling my house, I really want a deal. I’m doing the agent a favour by putting their sign on my lawn and I don’t buy into marketing or any of that nonsense. Houses sell themselves and buyers totally know my house is worth $25,000 more than the exact same house with better finishes that sold two weeks ago. Why the hell don’t most agents realize this?

These dudes seem pretty legit. I only have to pay $6,900 in total. Who needs to pay a buyer agent 2.5% these days with the internet and all? I couldn’t wait to talk to these guys, they are so busy that it has been three days and I haven’t heard from them yet. Imagine how many houses they are selling? You can check them out by clicking here.


$6,900 is still pretty steep and my house has only increased in value by $300,000 since I bought it four years ago so I wanted to do some more shopping. Well, the gates of heaven have opened up for me because I found someone who will do it for EVEN LESS!


I know I have to pay upfront, show the house myself, negotiate my own offers and pretty well do everything but for less than $2,000, why would I complain? Real estate is easy and I could just bypass agents altogether and these guys do a good amount of business. You can check them out by clicking this link.

I really don’t know what all the fuss is about. In less than twenty minutes I was able to find so many real estate agents who will buy and sell houses for way less than I charge. Quite honestly, I am surprised I am still in business over here.

As a consumer you have endless options and my business model is one of many. To say that real estate agents charge too much money is a cop out, because the truth is you do have options. The reality is that consumers want to get the highest level of service and pay less for it… and that just doesn’t work in any industry.


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