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There are a lot of great marketing tools that homeowners can use to enhance the ability to sell their home along with a lot of new technological advances one of the tried-and-true best results for getting your home ready for sale is staging your home now often homeowners are worried about home staging costs.

The average buyer will have made up their minds in the first 10 seconds of walking into your house whether or not they would purchase your home. humans are visual by nature so when it comes to getting your home ready for sale home staging is by far the best money you could invest home staging costs can vary from as little as $500 and upwards of $7,500 depending of the needs and requirements of your home.


This video will give you a great idea about how much of a difference home staging can make to a home.


To determine what your home staging costs would end up being, let’s walk through the step by step process.

1. Staging Consultation

A home stager will come into your home and complete a detailed analysis of recommendations that would have your home showing at its absolute best. You would receive a report with suggestions on things like adding accessories, removing furniture and bringing in outside furniture, even as far as recommendations for painting and minor repairs. or simply bringing in accessories in artworks two-and-a-half what you already have in place this one cost would range from anywhere from $100 to $250 and you would receive a full report with a detailed analysis of what to do.

2. Deciding what recommendations to implement

After you receive your detailed staging report you and your real estate agent will decide what best path to take moving forward. Typically you will decide from three options:


1.Working with Existing Furniture (costs between  $0-$250)

This option is best suited for homeowners that have great design and functionality in their house already. All that would be required here is shifting around a few items, minor decluttering and removing some personal effects (like family photos). All of this is done with the purpose of creating a better flow in the home.

2. Adding Minor Accessories (costs between $200-$500)

This option is best for homeowners who are just about there in terms of design and can use a few added touches to their home. When adding minor accessories, a home stager would likely bring in some artwork,linens and accessories for the bedrooms/washrooms lamps and night stands and any other minor accessories to display around your house. This process is usually a very quick and easy.

3.Full Home Staging (costs between $2,000-$7,500)

This is best suited for sellers who have a great layout but their furniture tends to be dated. This is also a good course of action for sellers who have very bulky furniture in their house and could benefit greatly from tightening up spaces and creating a better visual appeal in their home. A full home stage would typically result in removing furniture from your home, and bringing in a full array of items. This would include beds, couches, chairs, dining tables, kitchen tables, artwork and essentially anything that will compliment making your home stand out.

The benefits of this approach is a stager would be bringing an all new and fresh items that are very trendy. Your home would be completely revamped from top to bottom and this would definitely appeal to buyers in today’s market. Of course, this is also the most costly approach to getting your home ready for sale because of all of the elements that are involved.

The home staging cost for going this route would vary greatly depending depending on the size of your home and the amount of furniture that you would be bringing into the home as well as factoring in the cost of storing the furniture being taken out of the home.

As a general guideline, you can expect the following home staging costs based on the size of your home:

Under 2000 square feet: $1,500-$2,000

Up to 2500 square feet:  $2,000-$2,500

2500-3500 square feet:  $2500-$4,000

Above 3500 square feet: $4,000-$7,500


Check out our video below to see what a full home stage would entail

3. Who Pays For Home Staging Costs

After determining what route you will take it is now the important time to decide who will be paying for the home staging costs.

Staging Consultation: In a typical scenario most real estate agents will pay for the cost of the home staging consultation.

Staging Recommendations: Should you decide to move forward with the options recommended by the home stager, you would receive an estimate for the cost of work.

Some real estate agents will take on part or even all of this cost, but in most cases the homeowner will be responsible for payment of the rental items, the stagers time, as well as the storage of the existing items they have in their home.

Without question, proper design and staging in your home will definitely result in you getting all of the value back for the cost you put in. We’ve been staging our listings for the previous eight years and without question, the homes we listed have sold faster and for more money than other homes on the market. You might wonder how it makes such a big difference, but think of a well designed home like any first impression. What do you want your home to say to a buyer?

We believe home staging it is such an integral part of the pre-listing process that in 2016, we decided to fully include home staging costs in our listing packages. Since then, we have purchased over $60,000 worth of inventory, rented a large storage unit and hired a client concierge/design specialist to have all of our sellers benefitting from the amazing value home staging provides.


If you are considering selling your home, it is without question that you should get a home staging consultation to see how much value it would provide you. Before considering how much it will cost, look at how much value you are getting from having your home staged.

If your home is worth $800,000 and you are able to attract 1% more from enhancing your home through staging, that is a $8,000 value!


We hope you’ve enjoyed this post and if you are interested in getting a first hand look at some of the other essential pre listing services like pre listing spruce ups or decluttering services then we would be happy to help…it’s kind of our thing.

If you would like to get an idea of how your home compares to what’s on the market in your area, have a look at our free home search tool and see what’s for sale.

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